About Print Shop Manager

Print Shop Manager was designed from the ground up with speed and ease of use in mind.  The owner or manger of a printing establishment can be assured that pricing and accounting are handled easily and consistently for every job and every customer.

Fast job pricing.  Using templates means the pricing form is designed specifically for the job to be priced.
The design of the templates allows an ordered but open approach to entering job criteria.
The intuitive interface and the built-in instructional system ensure a short learning curve for the current sales people and newly hired people.  Quick productivity is assured.  New members of the staff can be accurately pricing jobs in as little as one hour.
A unique "HowsIt" button that displays the details behind press and stock prices.
"Lock" buttons allow the salesperson to lock press, stock or other operations at specific levels.
Instantly recall any job for viewing or reorder.
Relational Pricing ensures an accurate price for every stock/press or stock/bindery operation.
Easy entry , definition and recall of hundreds of pre-press or post-press (bindery) operations.
Presses, bindery and pre-press options can have multiple pricing structures available for an exact match to the job being priced.
Daily reports allow the manager or owner to stay on top of sales and work flow.
The customer list is available at all times for easy reference of current status or special instructions.
The accounts receivable system is specifically written for PSM.  It has an easy to use interface.  All phases of AR are quick and easy to perform.  It keeps the manager or owner on top of all customer accounts.