PSM Background

AACRO Computer Systems was commissioned in the early 90's to write a DOS text based pricing/estimating system for a printing franchise located in the Atlanta area.   Franchise owners all over the south, and northeast used that system for several years.  Even though it was DOS based and lacked the ease of movement a Windows based system has, it was extremely quick and simple to use.  
In 1999 AACRO did a survey of the franchise owners and determined there was a market for a simple, easy to use, cost effective Windows based estimating program.  The programs that were currently available were not easy to use and required too many steps to get a price to a customer.  Therefore the programs that were available were not purchased or had become unused "shelfware".
With the help of dozens of successful and knowledgeable printers, Print Shop Manager was designed with all of the features that were considered good and needed, and avoided the complaints and bad features of other programs.  

Design criteria included:
    Fast quote time with understandable prices.  
    The accounting system had to be easy to use and understand.
    EVERYTHING had to be easy to get to.  
    Basic pricing should be very flexible and easy to understand.  
    The person responsible for pricing should be able to fine tune the pricing tables
    Every part of the program had to be forgiving and not locked in.
    Data integrity had to be maintained.

In light of this we created a system in which the estimator can get a price to a customer in under 60 seconds and a printed quote within the next 5 to 10 seconds.
Pricing tables, accounting information and customers are all available, with proper authorization, while pricing a job.
The pricing tables are easily maintained and duplicated so that different versions of every option are available.  We created a user friendly system that can make a large positive impact on your bottom line.

One last note, AACRO Computer Systems is a professional software development company.  Software development is what we have done professionally since the inception of the PC in the mid 1980's.  You will find Print Shop Manager to be a highly crafted piece of software.  You will see the difference that 40 years of designing industrial software brings to the table.  
Just as you are proud of your ability to craft a fine piece of printed material, we are proud of our ability to create a user friendly and efficient product.  AACRO has built pricing/estimating and accounting solutions for a broad spectrum of manufacturing and sales organizations.  It is this expertise that we bring to the printing industry in Print Shop Manager.
PSM is built by programming professionals for printers with the guidance of dozens of successful printers.  It is their industry knowledge that you will find in PSM.  We have taken their knowledge and placed it into a highly functional and easy to use interface so that you the user can increase your profitability.  This is not one person's idea of how you should run your business but is a very flexible tool for you to use.  You will find this to be the most flexible product available.

Thank You for looking at PSM.

Rich Giles
AACRO Computer Systems, Inc.