Digital Printer Template
The Digital Printer (toner based or ink jet based) uses this template directly to price a job that will be printed on a laser or ink jet type of printer.
The Run Size (size printed) is used to determine the price per click. The setup on the printer allows you to distinguish the different sizes that will be printed and set a price based on an increasing price per click for an increasing print size. You can set a different price per click structure for B/W and Color as well as slope the structure for increasing prices at low quantities and decreasing it at high quantities.
You can select a Step and Repeat layout on the signature or a booklet type lay out. No matter which layout you choose you can specify the exact number of color vs B/W sides that will be printed. This allows the program to calculate a price based on the number of B/W signatures and the number of color signatures. If some backsides are blank, they can be passed through without a charge.
If you need to increase the price per click for heavy coverage you can specify a maximum amount and then choose a percentage of the maximum for any job.